Is Your Daily Dose of Aspirin Making Your Gums Bleed?

If you take aspirin every day to manage a heart condition, you may notice some dental side effects over time. The properties of aspirin that make the drug a useful defence against heart disease may also have a less beneficial effect on your gums, which may start to bleed more easily than in the past. Why does aspirin make your gums bleed and what should you do if this starts to happen? Read More 

Gum Disease: Three Treatment Options to Consider

Gum disease is also known as periodontitis and it occurs when the gum tissues are infected. The common symptoms of this condition include redness, swelling and bleeding when brushing the teeth. Generally, periodontitis begins as gingivitis which is mild inflammation of the gums. The gingivitis can be attributed to bacterial build-up on the teeth, so the condition can be reversed when it is treated early. If this advances to periodontitis, the bacteria will break down the tissues and bone supporting the teeth. Read More 

Hold Your Nerve: How A Pulpotomy Can Save Your Child From Needing Root Canal Therapy

Every good parent knows that taking good care of their child's deciduous teeth (more commonly known as milk or baby teeth) is important. If a baby tooth becomes damaged by tooth decay and is not treated promptly, it can rapidly become badly infected. In many cases, baby teeth that become infected in this way will require a root canal therapy. This involves a procedure known as a pulpectomy, in which the infected pulp is completely extracted and replaced with an inert filling that keeps the outer shell of the baby tooth in place. Read More 

Oral Health | The Interplay Between Your Heart and Mouth

Guess what? Your oral health and gums are interconnected in an astounding manner. Yes, it's possible to reduce the risk of developing heart conditions by simply maintaining a perfect condition of your teeth and gums. This is an area of dental industry that has been going on for quite a while now, and doctors and dentists are becoming more and more convinced that the relationship is solid. If you want to know how far this interplay goes and what signs to look out for, then read on. Read More 

A Great Denture Is A Great Smile | Learn About the Best Dental Plates

Well, there are only three scenarios where you can lose your teeth: When it's time to let go of your milk teeth, from an accident, or due to old age. Regardless the case, you can always replace your teeth and still retain that beautiful smile that lights up planet earth. The best way to do this is by using dental plates. However, if you are about to use the plates for the first time, it wouldn't hurt to know a little bit about them. Read More