3 Common Dental Conditions Which Affect Children

If you have a small child, you no doubt worry about their dental health. There are some dental problems which are quite common in children. Below is a guide to 4 common dental problems which affect children. Baby Bottle Decay This type of decay affects toddlers and infants who are fed using formula milk via a bottle. Formula milk contains high levels of sugar. If you feed your baby just before bed, the surgery milk can collect on the surface of their teeth and lead to accelerated levels of tooth decay. Read More 

Getting dental help to repair ‘meth mouth’

Methamphetamine use is a growing problem in Australia. Amongst the many unpleasant side effects of methamphetamine use is a characteristic rapid decay of the teeth known as 'meth mouth'. Once someone leaves a life of addiction this can be a painful reminder of that stage of their life and they may want to start repairing the dental damages. Here are some hints if you or someone you know wants to repair their smile. Read More 

Mouth Refreshing Herbs That Will Keep You From The Dentist Chair

A routine visit to the dentist to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy is essential. If you get lucky enough, you will not need to schedule a tooth extraction after consuming too much candy and popsicles during the holidays. For some, the thought of spending a moment with the dentist can cause much anxiety, which might keep them from the routine dentist visit. Here are a few facts about your dental health; Read More 

Kids Dental Care: Sugar Snack Alternatives for Healthy Teeth

Tooth decay is a huge problem amongst kids. It has been reported that over half of Australian six to ten-year-olds are affected by it and a major cause is over-consumption of sugar, but how do you reduce your kids' sugar intake? Below are some top suggestions for low sugar snacks that you can give your little ones to keep those whites pearly.  1. Drinks  It's not just foods, fruit juices and sodas contain very high levels of sugar and can contribute strongly to tooth decay. Read More 

5 Foods You Can Enjoy After Dental Surgery

Eating regular food after dental surgery can be a painful experience. If you have recently had surgery to fit dental implants or treat an oral health condition, sticking to soft foods could ease your recovery. Eat these five foods to get the right balance of nutrients without irritating your surgical site. 1. Creamy Soup Soups are a great way to enjoy vegetables while recovering from dental surgery. Boil your favourite vegetables in a large pan until they soften and then add a handful of fresh herbs and a pinch of salt. Read More