A Great Denture Is A Great Smile | Learn About the Best Dental Plates

Well, there are only three scenarios where you can lose your teeth: When it's time to let go of your milk teeth, from an accident, or due to old age. Regardless the case, you can always replace your teeth and still retain that beautiful smile that lights up planet earth. The best way to do this is by using dental plates. However, if you are about to use the plates for the first time, it wouldn't hurt to know a little bit about them. Below are some of the dentures out there.

Full dentures

These dental plates are mainly used to replace all the teeth on an arc. They are mostly ideal for old people that have lost all their teeth or for people whose teeth are too weak to hold partial dentures in place. Here are a few of them:

The standard upper denture

They are probably the most common types of dentures used by most patients that are missing all their teeth. The denture's as arc is ends at the upper jaw bone at the back of the mouth and is held in place by suction between the plastic and the gums. They are highly convenient, since they can be removed and worn spontaneously. However, these dentures are known to limit the user from experiencing the full taste of food.

Immediate denture plates

As the name suggests, these dentures are placed immediately after a tooth has been uprooted. The good thing about this is that you don't have stay toothless at any point of time. However, it is highly unlikely that the replacement will fit correctly, since no measurements have been done prior to fixation. No need to worry. The denture can still be remodified to fit after the healing process is complete.

Partial dentures

These are plates that collaborate with existing teeth to replace lost ones. The following are some of them:

Metal framework partial dentures

The dental plate here is made of cast metal clasps that hook onto existing teeth to support replacement gums and teeth. They are good for patients that have lost a few teeth or a part of their gums. Unfortunately, you cannot use them to replace an entire set of teeth, since they are dependent on existing teeth for use.

Acrylic partial dentures

 Acrylic dentures refer to dental plates made from synthetic textile fibres. They are less sturdy than the former. Therefore, they are best for patients with very weak teeth that are suffering from chronic periodontal disease. However, their major drawback is that they also need existing teeth in order to be placed.

For more information, consult with your dentist.