Mouth Refreshing Herbs That Will Keep You From The Dentist Chair

A routine visit to the dentist to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy is essential. If you get lucky enough, you will not need to schedule a tooth extraction after consuming too much candy and popsicles during the holidays. For some, the thought of spending a moment with the dentist can cause much anxiety, which might keep them from the routine dentist visit.

Here are a few facts about your dental health;

Teeth have a protective shield, called enamel, which covers the dentine. The dentine, in turn, contains micro-pores leading to the dental nerves. The gradual wear and tear of the enamel expose the dentine and here's where all hell breaks loose. Once your favorite treat, ice cream will be your arch enemy. Teeth discomfort caused by sensitive teeth can be as a result of eating acidic foods such as lemon, pickles or tomato sauce, sticky foods or using certain teeth cleaning products. Certain mouthwashes and rinses containing alcohol and chemicals that are tough on the enamel might increase tooth sensitivity. Teeth whitening products or toothpaste can be gentle to some or cause increased sensitivity to others. Modern Dentistry recommends the use of natural and mild herbal concoctions especially for those with highly sensitive teeth.  These natural and mild concoctions work just as efficiently as toothpaste.

 Nourish your teeth with some herbal tea

Herbal extracts are safe to use and are free of harmful chemicals that may harm your teeth and gums. The natural minerals found in herbs not only nourish your gums but also accelerate the regeneration of the enamel. Grind and blend a cocktail of chamomile, spearmint, licorice, nettles and marshmallow root, and add two droppers into your morning cup of tea for a refreshing yet healthy treat.

Substitute toothbrush with dental floss

A good dental floss contains pure untangled strands of silk that are sure to give your teeth a white gleam. To make the floss more efficient, stir about twenty drops of sesame oil into tea tree oil and dip it in the mixture before using it. Tea tree oil has some strong antibacterial properties that will prevent any buildup of bacterial colonies between your teeth.

Gargle in some herbal mouthwash

A good blend of Mother Nature will fight off bacteria in your sleep, nourish your teeth and keep your mornings feeling fresh. Here's what you need for your herbal mouthwash blend:

¼ oz bayberry

½ oz myrrh

1/8 oz golden seal

½ oz white oak bark

A teaspoon of cloves and cinnamon

Spearmint and stevia

Grind and blend to get a homogeneous mixture and store in a cool, dry place, preferably your bathroom cabinet. A good 5-minute gargle before you sleep and after you wake up should be a healthy routine you'd want to keep up.

Healthy tip: Some dental conditions cause persistent tooth sensitivity. In such a situation, apply a generous amount of fluoride gel where you feel most sensitive. Visit your dentist who should advise you on a more permanent solution to healthy teeth.