Kids Dental Care: Sugar Snack Alternatives for Healthy Teeth

Tooth decay is a huge problem amongst kids. It has been reported that over half of Australian six to ten-year-olds are affected by it and a major cause is over-consumption of sugar, but how do you reduce your kids' sugar intake? Below are some top suggestions for low sugar snacks that you can give your little ones to keep those whites pearly. 

1. Drinks 

It's not just foods, fruit juices and sodas contain very high levels of sugar and can contribute strongly to tooth decay. Encourage your kids to drink as much water as possible throughout the day and in the evening ensure that they get a good calcium-rich glass of milk to keep those teeth healthy.

2. Nuts 

Nuts are great for your teeth but there is a choking risk if eaten by young children. Nut butter is the solution. Watch out because many contain added sugar but if you can find unsweetened peanut/ almond/ hazelnut butter it makes a perfect high energy, low sugar snack. Spread it on crackers or put it in sandwiches. Your kids will love it! 

3. Eggs

Low in sugar but high in essential goodness, eggs are the perfect snack for growing kids. Hard boiled eggs make a good snack or can be part of breakfast or lunch. They will keep your kid going all day.

4. Yoghurt

With high levels of calcium and a good source of energy, yoghurt is a brilliant snack for your kids, however, many kids brands of yoghurt contain high sugar levels. Go for plain yoghurt and mix it with fruit or honey to give your child a tasty, tooth-friendly dessert. 

5. Cheese 

This is a high calcium snack. Cut some cheddar, swiss or mozzarella into cubes and keep in the fridge to give out as a snack that will give your kids what they need to develop healthy teeth. Cheese cubes also make a great addition to your kids' lunch box. 

6. Popcorn

A classic cinema treat but if you avoid caramel, lots of butter and salt, or high sugar toppings, popcorn is as healthy as it is fun. A perfect snack or party food for your little ones. Why not give them popcorn when they are watching TV or movies in the evening?

Combine these healthy snacks with a good brushing regime and ensure that your kids are getting regular dental check-ups and your kids teeth will stay strong and healthy for longer. For more information, talk to a professional like Southport Dental.