Cosmetic Dentistry—Types of Treatments Available

Cosmetic dentistry is a fast-growing dental sector with more and more people opting to improve the appearance of their teeth. Basically cosmetic dentistry consists of all those treatments that improve a person's gums, bite and smile. Many treatments are available, and these are usually tailored to each individual patient to ensure the best outcome. Before opting for a treatment, the dentist will provide valuable advice with regards to the patient's individual concerns, expected outcome and budget. Read More 

Oral Thrush: Critical Details You Need to Know

Most people think about gum disease, teeth sensitivity, cracked teeth and teeth whitening when they think about oral health problems. However, oral health problems are diverse, and some of them aren't common. Have you thought about oral thrush and the people it mostly affects? Oral thrush mostly affects children under 6 months old, and it develops when they have a yeast infection in their mouth. This oral condition is also known as oropharyngeal candidiasis or oral candidiasis. Read More 

Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened by a Professional

Whitening your teeth is quite an excellent way to bring your smile back. However, there are quite a number of processes to do so, and all of them have different results when looked into closely. Most patients often go to the shop and buy teeth whitening kits that are readily available to those that need them. What they do not understand is that teeth whitening procedures do not always come out perfect if not done correctly. Read More 

Dental implants: A long term solution for replacing teeth

Dental implants are placed in an individual's jaw through a surgical procedure. Unlike dentures, implants cannot be removed and must be taken care of along with an individual's other teeth using optimum oral health practices. These implants consist of dental screws that are surgically placed in place of the missing teeth, after a period of time, bone growth occurs, covering the implant and holding it firmly in place. Once this bone growth occurs, a crown or artificial tooth is placed on top. Read More 

Ways to Manage Your Nerves If You Have a Fear of Dentists

Dental phobias are relatively common, but when yours prevents you from seeing a dentist it can have a negative impact on your oral health. Using a few careful techniques, you can manage your dental fears and make appointments easier. Find someone who specialises in anxious patients Although most family dentists will have some experience in managing anxious patients, some make it their specialty. Such individuals may offer environments that put you at ease prior to your procedure. Read More