3 Useful Water Flosser Features

While water flossing machines all do the same thing, some products have more features than others. If you're researching which flosser to buy at the moment, it pays to look at available functions so that you can choose a machine with the greatest benefits.

Which features are good to have and why?

1. Different Pressure Settings

Some water flossers deliver their sprays at a set pressure. Others have a range of different pressure settings. This feature makes the machine more flexible and useful.

For example, a flosser might have multiple pressure rates. At the lowest rate, the flosser sprays a gentle spray. This is useful if you have sensitive teeth generally. It also helps if you need to go easy on your flossing for a while because of temporary teeth or gum issues.

At the other end of the scale, the flosser delivers water at a higher pressure level. This helps if you need a periodic deep clean.

So, even though you may use the flosser on a midway setting most of the time, it's useful to be able to control spray pressure when you need to. The more rates a flosser has, the more choice you get.

2. Pulsating Sprays

Some water flossing machines deliver a steady spray of water; others have a pulsating spray or a function that you can turn on and off. Pulsation is a good thing to have here.

A steady stream of water cleans between your teeth and around your teeth and gums. The force of the water pushes most bacteria or particles away.

However, you get a more effective clean if this stream pulsates. If you have stubborn food particles stuck between teeth or pockets in your gums that need cleaning out, then a steady stream may not be enough to fix the problem.

If your flossing water surges and subsides, then you create a different type of deep pressure clean. Areas that contain stubborn particles or that are hard to reach could clear much more easily.

3. Massage Functions

While flossing is the main aim here, some machines have other features that can help maintain your oral health. For example, some flossers have an end-of-floss massage function.

When you're finished your core floss, you switch the machine to its massage setting. It then changes its spray to massage your gums and soft tissues. This stimulates these areas and their blood flow which could keep them healthier.

For more advice on choosing the right water flosser for your dental needs, ask your dentist.