4 Situations When No-Prep Veneers Are Possible

It is now possible to have veneers placed on your teeth without any prep-work, such as using a drill to remove some of the enamel. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for this type of prep-less veneers. This article discusses some of the circumstances under which you may qualify for no-prep veneers. Your Teeth Are Small Dental veneers often make teeth to look bigger. As such, the dentist may prep the installation site so that your teeth retain their normal size after the veneers have been installed. Read More 

Reclaiming the Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures of the Stars

As everyone knows, Hollywood glamour is no accident, and the stars that grace the pages of popular websites and magazines get to look the way they do through designer fittings, spray tans and hours in the hairdresser's chair. But nothing has the power to peel back the years the way a revamped smile does. Ever wondered what on earth the stars do to make their teeth look so good? Read on to discover the top 5 five Hollywood cosmetic dentistry procedures . Read More 

Four Simple Steps For Caring for a Dental Crown

A dental crown, sometimes known as a dental cap, is a covering which covers a tooth to improve the appearance or functionality of the tooth. There is a range of circumstances in which your dentist might recommend a dental crown, from fixing a broken tooth to making a weak, brittle tooth stronger. Crowns can be made from various materials, with cheaper crowns usually being made of gold or silver-coloured metal.  Many gold-based crowns last more than a decade—however, this will only happen if you take good care of your crown. Read More 

Crowns for Kids: Should My Child’s Teeth Be Fixed With Dental Crowns?

Your child's primary (baby) teeth are important in more ways than one. By the time most toddlers are three years old, they have a full set of baby teeth. These teeth allow young children to enjoy a range of foods from which they can obtain the vitamins and minerals necessary for them to grow. However, baby teeth also serve several other important functions. Baby Teeth Aid Facial Development Believe it or not, but a toddler's teeth are vital to their future facial development. Read More 

The Life of Veneers: How Often Are Veneers Replaced?

Before making any changes to your teeth, cosmetically or otherwise, it is always prudent to examine the possible outcomes of your available choices. Models, celebrities and those who simply wish to have a more beautiful smile, often choose veneers. They are sturdy, look like real teeth and can last a lifetime if well cared for. Like natural teeth, however, they do experience wear. As a result, their lifespan depends on several factors, all of which will be covered here. Read More