Broken a Veneer, a Dental Implant, or Your Dentures? Here’s What You Need to Do

If your teeth aren't entirely natural, you've probably gotten into the habit of looking after your veneers, your dental implants, or your dentures as well as you would look after your natural teeth. Sometimes accidents happen and your dental prosthesis is the victim. In many instances, a broken prosthetic tooth (or set of teeth) can be reattached rather quickly and easily. So what do you need to do if it happens to you? Read More 

3 Things to Consider About Teeth Whitening if You Have Dental Fillings

Teeth whitening is something many people want to go through to get a better looking smile. There are different ways to get your teeth whitened; you can do it at the dentist's office or with do it yourself solutions in your own home. However, whether or not you choose to do it at the dentist or at home, there are a few things you should take extra care with in the case that you have dental fillings somewhere in your mouth. Read More 

Signs You May Need To Pay a Visit to an Emergency Dentist

For most people, a visit to the dentist is typically accompanied with anxiety. As such, they will try to keep their dental visits to a minimum and only go when they are experiencing excruciating pain and need to have some relief fast. However, there are a number of oral symptoms that you should never ignore and assume they will clear away on their own simply to avoid going to the dentist. Read More 

A Couple of Types of Orthodontic Treatment You Could Get

If you are to undergo orthodontic treatment, having fixed appliances installed on your teeth is typically par for the course. However, not many people know that there are various treatment options. Knowing what is available to you makes you better placed at discerning what would be best suited to your specific needs. Your orthodontist's choice of treatment will largely depend on your budget, the extent of teeth realignment that you require, as well as your personal tastes and preferences. Read More 

Can Children Play Brass or Woodwind Instruments With Braces?

Braces don't stop children from playing musical instruments; however, they do change the way they are able to play them, especially when their braces have just been fitted. Parents may want to take some time to help their kids adapt to the changes in their mouths, so they can continue to enjoy playing during orthodontic treatment. How Braces Affect Playing Before they have braces fitted, musicians get used to using their mouth in a certain way to make music. Read More