Some Questions You Might Have About Wearing Dentures

Dentures can be a good choice for anyone who is missing far too many teeth to have replaced with implants; the gums cannot always manage too many implants as these may cause discomfort when replacing an entire set of teeth. If your teeth are very decayed and you're already missing a few, a dental bridge may also not be very secure, as these usually need to adhere to the teeth you still have. Whatever your reasons for needing dentures or having them recommended to you, note a few questions you might have about them and discuss these with your dentist.

Do dentures make a person look different?

Dentures are fitted to your mouth in particular and are created to give you the best set of teeth needed for proper eating and speaking. If you have very undersized natural teeth, your dentist may recommend dentures that have teeth a bit larger than your natural teeth. You may also see that your cheeks may have sunk slightly if you had been missing teeth for some time, so the dentures can make your face fuller and more natural. However, for the most part, dentures don't change the overall shape or appearance of your mouth and shouldn't be such a tremendous change that anyone but you knows that you're wearing them.

Are dentures permanent?

Your face will change shape with age, just as everyone else's does; your dentures may also start to show cracks and abrasions and other signs of wear so that they need to be refitted regularly. How often this happens will depend on how much your face changes throughout the years and how well you care for your dentures. Talk to your dentist about how to make your dentures last if you're concerned about the cost, your appearance through the years, having your dentures eventually start to slip and so on.

Will leaving dentures out make them last longer?

You might think that the less you use your dentures, the longer they will last. This can be shortsighted, as not having dentures in your mouth can mean that your gum line is more exposed to bacteria and germs that can lead to gum disease. Not having the tooth roots stimulated by dentures can also lead to bone loss so that your face changes shape more readily. Ask your dentist how often you should remove your dentures and follow his or her recommendations to keep them and your mouth safe and healthy.