Dental Veneers: The Secret to a Hollywood Smile

If you've ever watched a Hollywood movie or TV show, you've probably noticed how perfect the actors' teeth look. You may have assumed that these celebrities are blessed with naturally perfect teeth, but the truth is that many of them have had dental veneers. Dental veneers can transform your smile and give you the same perfect, bright teeth that you see on the big screen. Scroll down to find out more. Read More 

Breaking Down Three Different Types Of Dentists And Their Specialties

The field of dentistry offers a wide range of specialties, each with its own unique focus and approach to dental care. Understanding the different types of dentists and their specialties is important for finding the right provider to meet your individual dental needs. While most of these specialized forms of dentistry are quite obscure and you might never interact with them in your life, for those who do need their services, they can be miracle workers who save them from constant pain. Read More 

How Do You Know If Your Teeth Need Extra Fluoride?

Are your teeth getting enough fluoride? Even if they are, this doesn't mean they won't need the occasional fluoride boost. However, because excessive fluoride can in fact be harmful to teeth, you should only increase your fluoride intake if recommended by your dentist. Is this something you should be asking about at your next checkup? Sensitivity Don't jump to any conclusions just yet, but excessively sensitive teeth (particularly to hot and cold foods and drinks) can be a sign that your teeth are losing mineralisation. Read More