A Few Options Your Orthodontist Can Talk to You About If You Have Misaligned Teeth

If you have misaligned teeth, then you could be ready to seek orthodontic care so that you can straighten out your smile. After all, having a nice, straight smile is important for self-confidence. Plus, having straight teeth makes it easier for you to clean your teeth properly, which helps prevent decay and other dental issues. A nice, straight smile can also make things like chewing or talking easier, too. Seeing an orthodontist can help you strive toward getting the nice, straight smile that you dream of, and there are a few different ways that orthodontists can help. These are some of the options that your orthodontist might talk to you about, depending on your specific orthodontic needs.

Traditional Braces

One of the more common things that people see an orthodontist for is getting traditional braces put on their teeth. These are the silver brackets and bands that you have probably seen on other people's teeth. Traditional braces are very effective for correcting alignment issues and can sometimes correct issues that retainers can't. They are also typically more affordable than some of the other orthodontic treatment options that are out there.

Lingual Braces

If you want many of the same benefits of traditional braces -- such as if your teeth are too poorly aligned to be corrected with retainers and if you want to use a tried-and-true orthodontic treatment option that you can count on -- then you might also want to look into lingual braces. Lingual braces use brackets and bands just like more traditional braces do, but they are placed on the back of the teeth instead of the front. Many people prefer this because they feel that their braces aren't as visible. However, it can sometimes take time to get used to the bulk on the back of your teeth, and lingual braces can be a bit more expensive than traditional braces, too.

Clear Retainers

If you have heard of invisible braces or clear braces, then you should know that this orthodontic treatment option does not refer to wearing braces at all. Instead, this type of treatment is done with clear retainers that are changed out once every two weeks or when your orthodontist lets you know that you should change them. These retainers are great if you want a removable option or a less visible option. Be aware that they can be more costly than traditional braces, however, and they can't be used to treat severe misalignment issues.

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