3 Facts About Emergency Dentistry

Injuries to the buccal cavity vary from minor to severe and are caused by several incidents. For instance, taking a hard hit on your face in a contact sports, biting your tongue hard or falling flat on your face are all incidents that can injure the hard and soft tissue in your mouth. When it happens, the first step you must take is rush to an emergency dentist since they are well equipped to handle all types of dental injuries. That said, you need to know a few facts about emergency dentistry that determine the outcome of treatment.

Avulsed Teeth can be Re-Implanted  If you lose a tooth, do not toss the tooth away or leave it behind when making a trip to an emergency dentist. You can get an implant to fill the gap left behind, but it is not the only option. While implants are perfect replacements for avulsed teeth, you may not need them if you get to an emergency dental clinic as fast as possible. Dentists can re-implant the original tooth, but only if you get to an emergency dental clinic within one hour of an accident. That is why it is crucial to choose an emergency dentist as close to your workplace or residence as possible. 

Displaced Tooth can be Repositioned  If you have a loosely-hanging tooth or a displaced one, do not pull it out. Doing so can further damage the root canal. Therefore, whether your tooth is sitting up too high, leaning outwards, twisted, or pushed down, you should not worry about pulling it out. Through emergency dentistry, dentists will reposition the affected tooth using a flexible splint and brace. The devices will hold the tooth in place until it heals and attaches to the jawbone firmly. 

No Appointments in Emergency Dentistry  Regular dental checkups with a family dentist require you to make appointments. However, appointments are not necessary with emergency dentistry because of the nature of procedures. Ideally, emergency dentists handle cases on a first-come-first-serve basis; therefore, do not expect a dentist to serve you first just because you made a phone call earlier. The best you can do is get to an emergency dental clinic as fast as possible to increase your chances of successful treatment. 

Emergency dental services are a great resource if you have had an accident and displaced a tooth. Be sure to retrieve your tooth if it's fallen out and get to a local dental office as soon as possible.