Reclaiming the Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures of the Stars

As everyone knows, Hollywood glamour is no accident, and the stars that grace the pages of popular websites and magazines get to look the way they do through designer fittings, spray tans and hours in the hairdresser's chair. But nothing has the power to peel back the years the way a revamped smile does.

Ever wondered what on earth the stars do to make their teeth look so good? Read on to discover the top 5 five Hollywood cosmetic dentistry procedures . . . and how to claim that look for yourself.

  1. Teeth whitening. Of course, the essence of the celebrity smile is the allure of those whiter-than-white teeth. From dentist chair treatments to take-home trays and supermarket whitening strips, your first step in claiming a smile the celebs would be proud of is to do away with stains; reduce yellowing caused by food, coffee, tobacco and good, old-fashioned ageing; and boost the white in your pearly whites.

  2. Veneers. Porcelain or composite, dental veneers are the fast-rising star of the cosmetic dentistry world. Hollywood royalty use veneers to rid themselves of stains, chips, crooked bites and gappy teeth, emerging with a pristine set of chompers guaranteed to set the paparazzi flashing. If you think veneers might be just the ticket, expect anything from a walk-in-walk-out revamp to a few return visits to the dentist, depending on your choice of material.

  3. Orthodontic work. From the traditional "train track" metal braces to trademarked teeth straightening techniques such as the Invisalign system, celebrities are turning out in droves to straighten their teeth. If you think your teeth could be straighter, orthodontic options have come a long way in recent years. Your choices now include ceramic braces à la Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore's self-ligating braces and the lingual braces sported by Duchess Kate Middleton.

  4. Crowns. Of course, Hollywood royalty would expect nothing less. Dental crowns can be use to restore broken or damaged teeth via the application of a new face applied to the tooth, just above the gum line. Crowns are a relatively fast and affordable cosmetic dentistry option, and it's amazing what a difference a little uniformity makes.

  5. Dental bonding. A lesser-known cosmetic dental procedure, dental bonding works by applying a resin over the top of a damaged tooth and sculpting it into the perfect size and shape to match the teeth surrounding it. Bonding offers a quick fix for chipped or discoloured tooth, and you'll be looking at three to five years before any repairs are necessary.

So, a stunning smile doesn't have to be restricted to those lucky enough to grace the red carpet. Spoil yourself with the best cosmetic dentistry procedures, and you'll be lighting up the room in no time.