Can You Reattach a Tooth After It’s Knocked Out?

Have you just had your tooth knocked out as a result of a sporting injury or other accident? Are you wondering if there's any chance that your tooth can be saved? The answer is yes—but only if you take the correct action as soon as possible. Keep reading for details on how you can maximise the possibility of saving your tooth.

1. Put the tooth back in place if you can

Don't discard your tooth after it's knocked out—the sooner you can put it back in position, the better the chances of it reattaching. If the tooth fell onto the ground and got dirty after falling out, you can rinse it very briefly in cold water before putting back in place. Hold the tooth by the crown during this process and avoid touching the root, as this is the part that will need to reattach to the gum. Once the tooth is clean and back in place, you can bite down gently on a cloth to stop it from moving.

2. Save the tooth in milk or saliva

Can't put the tooth back in place? Don't panic, and don't throw the tooth away. Instead, fill a small container with milk or saliva and place the tooth inside so that it's fully covered. You'll now be able to safely transport it to a dentist, where you can get professional treatment to reattach it. If you don't have a suitable container, you can also hold the tooth inside your mouth while you travel to the dentist—but take care not to swallow it.

3. Visit an emergency dentist for treatment

Whether you've put the tooth back in your mouth or stored it in a container, don't delay seeing a dentist. The sooner you can make an emergency appointment, the greater the chances of your tooth being saved. This isn't the type of issue you can leave for a few days—time is of the essence. Once you get to the dentist, they'll clean the tooth, reimplant it, and then splint it to the teeth next to it. This will hold it in place, giving it time to reattach over the next few weeks.

Getting your tooth knocked out isn't the end of the world as long as you act fast. Putting the tooth back in place as soon as possible and then seeing an emergency dentist makes it very likely that your tooth will successfully reattach. 

For more information, contact a local emergency dentist