How Your Dentist Can Help You Get Ready for Your Wedding

What's going to be one of the most important days of your life? It's the day when you and your beloved walked down the aisle and went from being a couple to a married couple. There's so much planning involved in getting ready for a wedding, with so many different people to consult. Perhaps your dentist should be one of the professionals helping you to get ready for your big day. Just think of all the photos that will be taken during your wedding and reception. Just think of how much you'll be smiling. This is why many people opt to have their smiles freshened up before those wedding bells start to ring. 


The ways in which your dentist can improve your smile before your wedding aren't particularly intensive, and nor should they be. You probably don't want to still be recovering from dental implant surgery on your wedding day. But numerous small procedures can make a big difference.


Teeth whitening is perhaps one of the most obvious ways in which your dentist can be of assistance. This is going to be more effective than any whitening treatment you perform at home. Your dentist will start with scaling and polishing, which removes stains from your teeth. This will be followed by the whitening treatment, which is then accelerated by ultraviolet light. The results can be striking and immediate. 


Whitening your teeth might feel redundant if any imperfections are bothering you. Your dentist can bond your teeth, and this involves the application of a tooth-coloured composite resin to the surfaces of teeth that need attention. This smoothens the surface area and can cover small chips and cracks. Again, the procedure is quick and easy, and the results are instant, with no recovery time.


If you need something a little more intensive, you can talk to your dentist about veneers. These are wafer-thin, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain applied to the outward surfaces of your teeth, improving the appearance and colour of your smile. This isn't such an immediate process, since some preparation is required (namely shaving some enamel from your teeth to accommodate the veneers) and several visits can be required. You may also be a candidate for no-preparation veneers, which are bonded directly to your teeth without removing enamel, but this is only possible if the result won't look too bulky. 

You might think of the professionals you consult before your wedding as being photographers, caterers, florists, and venue managers. If you want to check in on your smile, contact a local dentist