3 steps to beautiful teeth

They are the first things someone notices when you smile, when you present and when you talk. Like it or not, teeth are a defining part of how people perceive each other but they can also give you a huge confidence boost if you look after them. Most people however are not born with Hollywood teeth, and through day to day activities, teeth tend to get a little on the yellow side no matter how hard you try to cut down on the daily cups of coffee. 

As people get older, and start to become more aware of their teeth, particularly at work and in social situations, it is easy to become aware that your teeth are not quite how you would want them to be. Thankfully, it is easy to get a smile you are happy with, and while it may not be gracing the cover of a magazine, simple steps can get you a confidence boost and a smile to be proud of.

1. Take care of the basics

Although you have probably heard it a thousand times, it is vitally important that you brush your teeth and floss regularly. These are the basic day to day activities that mean your teeth stay healthy, and healthy teeth are the basis of great looking teeth. Investing in an electric toothbrush is essential to ensure that you reach the hard to access parts of your mouth with enough power to clean them, and prevent a build up of plaque at the back of your mouth. Many can even be connected to your phone to give you reminder of when you should be brushing your teeth and for how long. If in doubt, ask your dentist to give you a back to basics lesson how the best practice technique for day to day dental care.

2. Get those teeth in line

Unsightly or out of line teeth are often a key reason that people do not like their teeth. As you see your teeth every day it is easy to notice imperfections that other people do not see, let alone the bigger issues that make people feel so self conscious. Thankfully, orthodontist techniques have rapidly developed in the past few years, and have moved away from the train track braces that plagued many a teenage mouth. Book an appointment with your orthodontist to see the options available, and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how easy and painless getting straight teeth can be.

3. The finishing touch

Whitening your teeth can be the finishing touch which gives you the self confidence needed to go out and smile to your heart's content. There are many options available on the market, from home kits to two hour appointments with your dentist. While no means necessary, and not a solution if you do not give up on the coffee, teeth whitening can make your smile look complete.