4 Situations When No-Prep Veneers Are Possible

It is now possible to have veneers placed on your teeth without any prep-work, such as using a drill to remove some of the enamel. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for this type of prep-less veneers. This article discusses some of the circumstances under which you may qualify for no-prep veneers.

Your Teeth Are Small

Dental veneers often make teeth to look bigger. As such, the dentist may prep the installation site so that your teeth retain their normal size after the veneers have been installed. However, prep-less veneers are suitable for individuals whose teeth are small. For example, you may have been genetically predisposed to have small teeth. In such a case, it isn't necessary to scrape off part of your teeth prior to the installation of veneers.

Your Teeth Are Spaced

Some people have teeth that have spaces between them. Such people may not need any prep to be done before veneers are installed. This is because most preparations are intended to create space to accommodate the veneers, especially between individual teeth. The gaps make it unnecessary to perform such preparatory work. It may also be unnecessary to prep your teeth in case the veneers are going to be installed after extracting some of your teeth to correct dental crowding.

Your Teeth Are Short

No-prep veneer installation is also suitable for individuals who have short teeth. Those teeth may have been shortened due to the normal wear and tear associated with chewing. Short teeth may also be due to acid corrosion. The veneers can then serve the purpose of lengthening the teeth so that balance is restored to your smile.

Your Smile Needs Prominent Teeth

The visual appeal of your smile depends on the right balance between the different aspects of that smile, such as your lips and the teeth. No-prep veneer installation can be considered in case you have large lips. Such lips tend to make the teeth to look much smaller than they are. No-prep veneers can, therefore, make your teeth to become larger so that they have the proportions that will match the size of your lips.

It is evident that the decision to select no-prep veneers is based on a thorough examination of the patient to assess their suitability for that procedure. Contact your dentist and ask him or her to check your dental structures if you want prep-less veneers to improve your smile.