A Couple of Types of Orthodontic Treatment You Could Get

If you are to undergo orthodontic treatment, having fixed appliances installed on your teeth is typically par for the course. However, not many people know that there are various treatment options. Knowing what is available to you makes you better placed at discerning what would be best suited to your specific needs. Your orthodontist's choice of treatment will largely depend on your budget, the extent of teeth realignment that you require, as well as your personal tastes and preferences. Here are a couple of types of orthodontics that you can get.

Metallic dental braces

This is the most common option for orthodontic treatment. These fixed appliances are manufactured from stainless steel. They comprise metallic bands that are wrapped around your molars. They also have smaller metallic brackets, which are cemented to the surface of your teeth to aid in pushing them into place. Lastly, a malleable wire connects the brackets so as to ensure they stay in place. Although this is one of the oldest types of orthodontic treatment, there are good reasons why it is still widely prescribed. Not only is this the most economical option, but it still remains effective and reliable due to the durability of the stainless steel. Additionally, you can now opt to have these braces customized into the colour of your choice if you do not want the bland, traditional colour.

Ceramic dental braces

For individuals who like a less conspicuous orthodontic treatment when compared to metallic braces, ceramic dental braces may be a good choice. These types of braces comprise the same components that you will find in the metallic braces. The difference is that that brackets that are cemented on the surfaces of the teeth are made from ceramic materials that are translucent as compared to the opaque metallic brackets. Since this material easily blends in with the natural colour of your teeth, they are more discreet and great for people who may be self-conscious bout receiving orthodontic treatment. One thing to note though is that ceramic dental braces may not be as durable as their metallic alternatives since the materials are not of the same strength. Additionally, you may have to change out the elastic bands connecting the bracket as they are prone to staining and this will make the braces less discreet. However, with proper care and maintenance they can serve you for a significant period of time. 

Talk with your orthodontist about what option would best suit your needs.