How Chewing Gum Can Protect Your Teeth

Most people are pretty conscientious when it comes to their oral and dental health; you schedule regular check-ups at your local dental clinic, and you clean your teeth and floss twice a day.  But did you know that including chewing gum as part of your daily oral hygiene routine can be extremely beneficial to your teeth, especially if you are a habitual grazer?  Read on to find out more.

Are you a habitual grazer?

Many people these days have a very busy lifestyle and as a result they find that their eating habits are changing.  It's often just not practical to sit down for three square meals every day, and it's now common practice for workers to grab a quick meal on-the-go whenever they can.  If you survive on sandwiches, fruit, biscuits and regular cups of coffee or tea to get you through the day, then you are a grazer.  Although grazing might keep your body steadily fuelled during the day, the habit is really bad news for your teeth. 

Whenever you eat or drink, you alter the pH balance inside your mouth, allowing plaque acids to form on your teeth where they begin to attack and damage the enamel.  Ideally, you should take your toothbrush and toothpaste to work with you so that you can brush your teeth once during the day.  However, this isn't always practical. 

Gum to the rescue!

So, just how do you combat the damaging effect on your molars of all that grazing?  The answer is simple; just chew sugar-free gum. 

The act of chewing causes an increase in the production of saliva in your mouth.  This helps to clean the mouth, wash away bits of food, and neutralise the plaque acids that damage your teeth.  Chewing sugar-free gum in conjunction with your usual brushing and flossing routine can therefore allow you to graze all day, without exposing your teeth to a build-up of damaging plaque acid. 

Chewing sugar-free peppermint flavoured gum is also great for keeping your breath fresh and fragrant if you tend to consume excessive amounts of coffee to keep you going in between snacks. 

In conclusion

If you have a busy lifestyle that means you are a serial grazer, it's important to include chewing sugar-free gum as part of your daily oral hygiene routine to help keep your teeth clean and healthy.  For more advice on how to keep your teeth in great shape, make an appointment with a clinic like Comprehensive Dental Care and ask the dentist for advice during your next routine check-up.